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Zerodha Stock Broker


Zerodha is an Indian discount brokerage firm that was established in 2010. It was founded by Nithin Kamath after he was motivated to find a solution to the problems he had faced for almost ten years as a trader. The firm has built a reputation from its cheap brokerage and has been successful in establishing branches in all major cities in the country.

Zerodha is the largest discount broker in the country and is preferred by most clients because it offers the lowest brokerage fees. It is a member of MCX-SX, MCX, NSE AND BSE. Among the factors that make Zerodha popular with most Indians are the application of innovative technology and the discount pricing model. The firm offers products that have given it an edge over its competitors such as ICICI Direct, Motilal Oswal, Angel Broking and Sharekhan. The Indian discount broker offers clients products that have seen its turnover hit the $2 million mark on a daily basis.

Some of these products include:

Open trade

This is a product that is available to Zerodha clients who have been proven to have a good record. The company analyzes the registered members and selects the most suitable candidates who are allocated star names. Their identities remain anonymous but the quant reports are made public.

The star’s activities can be viewed by other Zerodha clients who are required to pay a subscription fee to follow up their favorite star’s activities. The subscription fee is shared with the star owner. For members to subscribe to open trade, they are required to make a nonrefundable deposit of ₹2500 and pay ₹500 monthly to follow their favorite stars.

Kite 3.0

The Kite 3.0 is specifically designed to be used in the current technological advancements. It provides Indians with a platform where they can conduct a universal search on cheap commodity trading and provides useful information regarding metals, derivatives, stocks and bonds. It has a good user interface where clients are able to conduct cheap trading through selling, buying, managing portfolio and analyzing. The application had easy navigability and is designed with keyboard shortcuts. Kite 3.0 offers its clients ₹0 equity investments and a flat rate of ₹20 intraday.


Zerodha offers Pi to its clients which is constantly updated. The product is only available to clients who have been trading actively which is determined by at least Rs 10,000 worth of trading. It has good features that allow users acquire the knowledge of the lowest brokerage commissions through indicators that are availedby its advanced charting feature. Discount brokerage in Bangalore has been made easier through Pi which enables users to keep a close watch on the markets trading activities through its trading screen. Pi is available to all Zerodha clients for free (₹0).


The coin is the organization’s improvement of the previous distributor mode and has benefits that clients cannot resist. Through coin Zerodha becomes a discount broker that offers cheap trading to its clients as it does not charge any commissions on investments. It does not matter whether the investment is a trail or is made upfront. Coin enables customers to access direct mutual funds that are in the form of DEMAT. This makes the Indian discount broker provide its clients with a convenient portfolio across currency, equity and MF. It also facilitates fixed brokerage. Coin has a monthly flat rate of ₹50 regardless the MF transactions value. The amount totals ₹600 annually.


This is a backoffice system that ensures that the investor and Indian trader is kept to date with the growing trading activities in the country. It has useful features such as the donut chart which provides clients with a summary of their account’s activities. It has a funds page that enables users to track and place withdrawal requests easily. Q enables clients to track their average buying prices and other important information such as open positions, pledged holdings and unrealized profits. It also enables customers to file their tax returns through the generation of capital gain reports. Q is available to Zerodha clients for free.

Kite connect API

Kite connect is an extension of the already-approved Kite trading platform that ensures customers are able to access cheap commodity trading services. Kite Connect is simply a set of HTTP APIs that provides programmatic access. Through this Developer console, users are able to track and manage their programmatic access and provides portability of data. Zerodha also realizes that as a discount broker, it may not be able to effectively keep up with the changes in the technology.This would put it at a disadvantage of not being able to satisfy the needs of tech-savvy investors. For this reason, Kite Connect comes in handy and offers users the ability to choose the platform that they are most comfortable with through programmatic access. Kite Connect API is available to Zerodha clients free of charge and all they are required to do is signup for the product. Registration can be done by following this link


Compared with ICICI Direct, Motilal Oswal, Angel Broking and Sharekhan, Zerodha boasts to be the pioneer Indian discount brokerage firm. This is certainly boosted by the features offered by the company to its clients . Its cheap commodity trading is accompanied by the use of innovativeness in technology which makes the corporation relevant to its clients’ needs.