Wisdom Capital Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage and Reviews 2019

Wisdom Capital Stock Trading, Demat, Brokerage and Reviews 2019: Wisdom Capital, the leader in online stock trading and the very first mover in the segment of the discount brokerage was introduced in the year 2013. It introduced the lifelong zero brokerage freedom plan in Futures and Options, Equities at NSE and BSE and commodities at NCDEX and MCX.Wisdom Capital review

Wisdom Capital’s Trading Platforms

Wisdom Capital has NEST Trader software which is the best software for trading in India, big trading houses like RKSV, Zerodha, Angel Broking were using that software in past as well:

  1. NEST Trader – NEST Trader has lots of great function you can track the market and do trading through the chart. Where you can see your funds charts, trade reports, P & L Statements and lot more. You can place MIS orders, AMO Orders, CNC Orders and etc. It has awesome features you can try its demo for free, It is available online.
    Nest Trader Software

    Nest Trader Software

Lowest brokerage fee for online trading in the country

In case you are in search of the top online trade account at low brokerage fee than this one is the best source for you. When you will check the Wisdom capital review you will come to know about all this. It is one of the best brokers of the country which offers best online and offline trade plans in futures, options, stocks, currency on BSE, NSE and commodity trading on NCDEX and MCX. It offers the zero brokerage freedom plans which help the traders with unlimited trading access to the online trading platform without any minimum fees. The whole idea is to motivate the investors to opt for the free of cost investment zone.

Other plans include adding on plans that help the seasoned traders in accessing high margins as well as competitive tools for stocks/commodities.

  1. Lifetime freedom plan- this plan helps the traders to trade for free for the lifetime of NSE/BSE stocks, futures and options, commodity online account at NCDEX/MCX across different segments. You don’t have to pay any advance payment or any monthly and yearly fee. They also offer free of cost trading and Demat account.
  2. Pro plans and adds on- the pro plan has been designed perfectly for the professional traders who use high intraday exposure or margin as well as advanced tools for trading.
  1. Add on plus and ultimate plans– the ultimate plan has been designed for satiating the needs of the investors and traders who are in search of high intraday exposure or margin in intraday an delivery trading.

Wisdom Capital Brokerage Charges 2019

Wisdom Capital Brokerage Plans
Plans Freedom Plan Pro Plan Ultimate Plan
Account Opening Free Free Free
Validity Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Brokerage in FNO (NSE/MCX) ZERO (0%) 9/Trade Future: 0.005 (NSE/MCX), Options : Rs. 15/Lot
Brokerage in Cash ZERO (0%) 0.005% Intraday
0.05% Delivery
0.005% Intraday
0.05% Delivery
Intraday Margin In Futures/MCX 2X MIS & 10X in Cover Order 6X MIS & 20X in Cover Order Upto 10X MIS & 20X in Cover Order
Intraday Exposure In Options 1X 1X Buy & 6X Sell. 1X Buy & Upto 10X Sell.
Intraday Margin In Cash Upto 5X MIS Upto 40 X MIS Upto 40 X MIS
Delivery Margin In Cash 1X Upto 5X Upto 5X
Call & Trade Charges 20/Executed Order 20/Executed Order 20/Executed Order
Free Demat Opening Yes Yes Yes
Demat Maintenance Cost Lifetime 999+ Taxes Lifetime 999+ Taxes Lifetime 999+ Taxes
Trading Software Nest Free Free Free

Wisdom Capital Exposure Margin

Wisdom Capital leverage for intraday, delivery, options, currency and commodities.

Segment Exposure Margin
Equity Delivery 5x to 40x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Equity Intraday 5x to 40x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Equity Future 5x to 20x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Equity Options 5x to 40x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Currency Future 4x to 15x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Currency Options 4x to 15x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Commodity Future 5x to 20x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Commodity Options

Top reason to chose Wisdom Capital and Why Wisdom Capital is the best?

  1. NSDL Star performer award

They have won this very prestigious award consecutively in 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2015. They have proven that they are the best discount stock brokers of the country.

2.  15000 plus satisfied customers

Customisation is something that helps them in delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

3.  5 times delivery margin

They offer up to 5 times margin on carry forward and margin trades in the NSE equity. In case of Future and Options, you may carry on the span margin.

According to the latest wisdom capital review, they have recently introduced some exceptional plans for the traders and investors. They have been the best brokerage company which offers Zero brokerage and different flexible plans for investors and the trader’s communities. These especially designed plans help in catering to the online stock trading needs of the customers which is also their core competence. The plans suit the regular professional traders very well who trade in currencies, equities, derivatives, F&O and commodities helping the, save brokerage. For encouraging investments in the country, they offer free of cost life time plans to the traders.

Keeping the financial goals of the customers in mind, they have designed a plan which is based on the exclusive needs of the investors.

Apart from offering plausible information about the stock market and the rationale behind share market and commodity market movement, all these charges include helping the investors with the help of the specialised strategies through the latest platform, best terminal, free of cost Demat, mobile app, portfolio management services and SEBI authorised advisory services. The plans they design are unparalleled in the stock broking industry and much ahead of all the other low, per trade and monthly fixed brokerage fee offered by the other regular stock brokers in the India shares and commodities markets.

Why should you trade with them?

When they introduced the flexible brokerage plans, they were unmatched in the brokerage charges competitiveness and excellence of services, which was way ahead of fixed brokerage charges. According to Wisdom capital review these very attractive brokerage plans still offer the lowest brokerage fee in this segment i.e. per trade brokerage charges or monthly brokerage fee are less as compared to the rates which are charged by the other stock brokers. This is what makes them stand apart from the rest in this segment helping them become the best online stock trading firm in the country.

  1. Free of cost stock trading and Demat account

It is the only broking firm which offers free of cost activation of trade and Demat account across different segments.

  1. Lowest stock brokerage
  2. Freedom plan– introducer of the lifetime zero brokerage online stock trading and investment @ Rs. 1947/- across NSE/BSE/MCX/NVDEX.
  3. Professional plan– flat brokerage plan at Rs.9 per trade
  1. Single trade terminal and available of max trade software

ODIN/NEST across all segments i.e. F&O, NSE Equities, MC/SX currency, MCX and NCDEX free of cost. However, you get the option of choosing from a wide range of trade terminal i.e. Now/NEST/ NET.NET/ODIN.

  1. Unlimited leverage across all exchanges

Unlimited leverage is offered to active as well as professional traders i.e. trade 1 lot Nifty at Rs. 3200 only.

  1. SEBI authorised portfolio management service
  1. Instant Pay In/Pay Out via trading terminal NEST & ODIN 
  1. Uninterrupted call and trading facility 
  1. Fully dedicated and excellent online LIVE support 
  1. Free of cost wisdom LIVE trade system for active traders
  1. Free of cost LIVE Trade tips on the basis of technical analysis on the terminal during the stock market hours
  1. Brokerage calculator for helping the investors calculate the costs upfront 
  1. 12000+ satisfied customers 
  1. A network of 1000+ franchisee throughout the country 

Wisdom Capital Mission

As per the Wisdom capital review the mission of the brand is to provide high quality investment services to its customers on the basis of meticulously researched strategies of investment for adding good value to the money of the investors. The mission of the brand is to maintain good relationship with the clients in the long run by providing competitive terms of business, latest technology on the basis of infrastructure and properly researched info for improving the decision making capacity of the investors.

Wisdom Capital Vision

For accomplishing great heights in wealth management, stockbroking and investment services they use the latest technology and in-depth education. They are setting new benchmarks through customer-centric, and technology-driven professional enterprise.