Religare Securities Reviews, Trading, Demat, Charges, Brokerage 2019

Religare Securities Reviews, Trading, Demat, Charges, Brokerage 2019:- Religare was initially called as Religare Securities Ltd. And it was a stock brokerage firm founded in 1984. It was inducted into the National Stock Exchange 10years later and became one of the leading stock broking companies in India. It subsequently secured its membership in the Futures and Options Segment at the NSE. It is also registered at the National Securities Depository Limited i.e. NSDL as a depository participant.

Religare Securities then received an official registration notification from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to be the Portfolio Manager. It was also registered by another central securities depository called Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. (CDSL) to be a depository participant in 2003. It also joined the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in 2004 as the official stockbroker. In 2006, the company received official registration from SEBI as being a Merchant Banker in Category – I.religare securities

According to SEBI, the merchant bankers are the people who’re into issues management. They either make arrangements for buying/selling the stocks or they subscribe to securities or act as the acting manager, a consultant or offering corporate advice regarding issue management. For Category – I applicants, the minimum shell amount should be no less than Rs.1,00,00,000 (approx. $140,000). They also have offices in many overseas countries, prime one being in London.

Religare Securities have revamped themselves and are now called Religare Online and the company provides its customers with unmatched quality of service with respect to their investment needs. Their research reports along with their own advanced self-research tools like Tech-Scan for online stock trading has become a rage among the investors. We would be discussing more about their products and services provided in the succeeding section.

Religare Securities Product & Services

As we discussed above, Religare Online provides an unmatched quality of products and services to its investors with smart and insightful features in them. Some of these products and services are discussed below, Trading Options in Equity: Share

markets in India provided 18% of average annual returns in the last 10years; this is something which has been stupendously higher than the returns on Fixed Deposits, Government and Corporate Bonds. So, it’s safe to assume that Stock Markets are definitely a valuable investment in the years to come. Some of the trading options provided by Religare in equity are as follows:

1. Cash Trading

A set amount of cash transaction is required for this kind of trading.

2. Trading on the Stock Exchanges

You can also carry out your trading activities in the National and Bombay Stock Exchanges.

3. Margin Trading

Margin Trading is a process wherein the investors buy a large number of stocks than they can originally afford to. It is also referred as the act of buying and selling with the amount taken from the broker.

4. Market Order

It’s a process where the investor can trade by placing the order in the market hours at the best possible prices necessary.

5. CallNTrade

This is a unique trading option where the investor can dial a local number and trade via the Customer Care Service.

6. Limit Order

The investor has the liberty to buy and sell a limited number of securities at your specified price.


Religare Securities Trading Platform Features

As we discussed before, Religare Online has their real-time online stock trading platform which is powered with awesome features which we will list out in a bit. It gives the investors not only a much needed free rein in effortlessly buying and selling the options but also a detailed view with which they make the most out of the market.

  1. Smart Stock Screener

This is a product which is exclusively offered by Religare which gives you the freedom to define a set number of parameters like what should be your desired minimum and maximum share price, dividend yield, and PE ratio.

       2.Analyst Research

It’s a proven fact that keeping records of everything could be a bit troublesome and we are talking about keeping records and interpreting financial reports. Analyst Research provides an impeccable information source so as to make this easy to use for customers in an easy to understand format.

       3. Smart Portfolio Tracker

Again, it’s always an issue to keep a track of meticulous calculations of your investment. With the advent of Smart Portfolio Tracker by Religare, you get a minute by minute update of your holdings in the market.


Religare Exposure Margin

Religare Exposure for Intraday, Delivery, Options, Currency and Commodities.

Segment Exposure Margin
Equity Delivery Upto 4x with 24% interest per year
Equity Intraday Upto 10x
Equity Future Upto 3x
Equity Options Upto 3x for shorting
Currency Future Upto 2x
Currency Options 2x for shorting
Commodity Future Upto 3x
Commodity Options


Apart from all of these features provided by the company, Religare has also introduced their very own mobile stock trading platform “Dynami” which again works on a real-time basis. It gives you complete control of your trading options, complete freedom to trade anytime, anywhere on the go across all possible mobile operating systems. Also, Religare Online also offers research enabled trading platform which is only present for customers on Derivative Trading. With so many options available, particularly the online trading platforms which are considered as the most seamless platform ever by their customers, since it’s very much easy to understand and also add to that you get your Research tips through SMS and the website as well.