Best ProStocks Review Online in India

Best Prostocks Review Online in India

ProStocks a venture of Sunlight Broking is one of the top brokerage firms of the country which allows the customers to make investment and trade in the stocks which are listed in the Indian Stocks Market. The customers may trade on the NSE and BSE in the segments which include Equity Cash, Currency Derivatives, Depository Services and Equity Derivatives.

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They offer stock trading services at an extremely low brokerage fees as compared to traditional stock brokers. An average client saves anything between 60%-99% brokerage while trading with ProStocks.

They offer stock trading services at such a low fee because of managing the expenses efficiently and upfront investment in terms of technology for reducing the cost of the transactions as the volume rises. They are online brokers and they don’t have overheads like RMs, branches, costly advertisements, etc.

The team
ProStocks team comprises of engineers, chartered accountants as well as designers. They make sure that every product they design is as per the highest standards. They keep their clients as their first priority. They have devised strong trading platforms as well as customer support system for building the trust amongst their clients. They follow client centric transparent and totally ethical practices as per highest standards of corporate governance. That is why they are one of the most preferred financial services for the clients.

They have a team of professionals who understand the complexity of trading and investment in the stock markets. They make sure that their trading platforms and back office are simple, focussed as well as understandable. But with everything they do, they make sure that they never deviate from their goal.

finance services

Solo participation in the Equity market
Stock market plays the role of a tool for people who are interested in wealth creation, generation of annual returns more than other asset classes. But still retail participation is extremely low in our country. Thus, the aim of this brand is mainly to empower the young generation for taking ownership of their future and that too with total transparency.

Why should you choose ProStocks?
According to ProStocks review, below are a few reasons which make ProStocks the favourite of investors:

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· There are 3 plans to choose from on the basis of the trading requirements of the investors
· Flat rate of Rs. 15 for every executed order
· Unlimited equity and equity derivatives every month in return of Rs. 899 a month
· Unlimited currency derivatives trade every month in return of Rs. 499 a month
· Unlimited equity and equity derivatives trade a year in return of Rs. 8,999 a year
· Unlimited currency derivatives trade in return of Rs. 4,999 a year
· Lowest trade and call charges i.e. Rs. 10 for every executed order in discount brokerage domain
· Zero professional clearing member fee- they do not charge a PCM fee like other brokers do
· Low stamp duty- the investors just need to pay a maximum of Rs. 50 for a day
· They charge same pricing for F&O, Equity and currency across different exchanges

Platform and the technology

· It offers some of the personal favourite trading platforms to investors including ProStocks mobile, ProStocks Web and ProStocks desktop
· They offer a free of cost software for website, desktop and mobile for the investors
· They offer free of cost technical charts as well as quotes for LIVE streaming for all the clients
· They have the most well advanced back end software
· Their mobile trading application is still the most powerful one in the industry


According to the ProStocks review online India, they offer Instant account opening option without any paper work with just your Aadhar card. You don’t even have to print or put your signature on any form. You can open your account within just a couple of minutes.
· The investors get a well dedicated support website for all their FAQs, blogs and online assistance tickets
· They offer assistance to investors through phone, email and support website
· They also have a well-integrated customer support, help desk software for having a complete 360 degrees view of the issues of the clients and for offering quick resolution to them
· They do the hand holding exercise for beginners
· They do not offer the option of prop trading because their rivals who offer this option carry prominent risks for the investors
· They have a very basic and simple model of pricing and there are no hidden charges
· They charge first flat charge with lowest charges of exchange transactions
· Their referral programme helps the investors in earning more money by simply referring more people
· Their team comprises of well experienced and knowledgeable people

Trading platforms

Their exclusive trade platform has been planned for offering a high standard trading experience to the investors.
They offer a free of cost desktop, mobile and web version of the trading software.
They have implemented advanced tools for charting and advanced management system protocol for making sure that their investors get the best platform for trading.
They have designed software for trading which is meant for beginners as well as the frequent traders. They have professional tools as well as charts which help the investors in not wasting their time on the lengthy calculations and concentrate on spending their valuable time in something more important.

ProStocks Desktop 

Innovative trading platforms have been designed for offering an edge to the investors. Today the financial industry has become extremely competitive. As an investor you will require tools for trading effectively. These tools are very important for planning an extensive trading strategy. Their trade terminal has been designed for helping the investors strategize with the help of tools for analysing the pricing movements, identifying and measuring the strength of the trends in the market and then accordingly planning your move.

ProStocks web

The brand has a very powerful and user friendly website for trading which works swiftly on the browser. Their web based app can be used across the website as an interface. You may even access the app from your computer once it is connected to the internet with the help of the standard browser in place of using an app which has been downloaded on the local computer. They have an extremely rich HTML 5 browser for trading which gives the users the freedom of trading safely from anywhere with the help of real time convenience to quotes, news and trading. It has all the features of a desktop terminal within browser window.

ProStocks web is the browser based interface for trading. Its 100% safe, secure as well as reliable platform for trading and that is why one of the best in the industry. It offers maximum convenience of trading as well as real-time access to the data of the market.

ProStocks mobile application 

The mobile app is sleek, secure as well as self-directed app. It offers the convenience of trading while you are on the go.

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