Best kotak Mahindra brokerage reviews in India

Best Kotak Mahindra Brokerage Reviews in India

Kotak Mahindra gives you the opportunity of trading in equity, derivatives, currency derivatives, tracking portfolio of investors, getting LIVE streaming updates of the market, stock market, etc.

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Best kotak Mahindra brokerage reviews in India

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The mobile trading tool can also be used by the offline trading investors of Kotak Mahindra Securities. They may download and use the mobile stock trading app by simply signing in. Offline customers may also keep themselves updated with all the happenings of the market, check stock price, develop watch lists and keep a track of the intraday charts for script listed on NSE and BSE.

3 in 1 online stock trading account 

The Trinity account by Kotak Mahindra is a convenient investment platform which mainly integrates the savings account, Demat account and online stock trading account into one single service. So now you don’t need to deal with 3 different service providers for these 3 accounts. With the help of Trinity Account, you can enjoy all the benefits related to these 3 accounts with one single account.


In terms of investment, Kotak Mahindra Securities has been the domestic leader. Through its Smart Technological Platform, Kotak is the single stock broking agency that offers an access to stock market across different mobile devices ranging from mobile phones to tabs.

Kotak Mahindra Private Clients Group
Kotak Mahindra Private Clients Group is a plan which has been devised for fulfilling the differentiated requirements of HNI customers and the corporate customers. The main focus of the plan is on currency, equity, structured products and derivatives, the services bring all the opportunities of the stock market for the investors.

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Different brokerage options
Brokerage fee is the commission that the stock brokers charge in return of the services they offer to the clients. It’s that fee which the brokerage companies charge for helping the investors trade in the stock market.

Some people think that trading is a very complicated and difficult process. But, when you have the right tools and the right information in hand, clear understanding of the brokerage, etc. this process becomes simple and easy. That’s why Kotak ensures transparency in their commission and different brokerage plans to choose from. They consider their clients to be the most important.

According to the Kotak Mahindra brokerage reviews online below are some of the best brokerage plans offered.

1. Dynamic brokerage plan

This plan offers a wide range of opportunities to the clients. It has been designed for the clients who are in search of an efficient bargain on brokerage rates. The brokerage rates could be as low as 30 paisa on Delivery trade.

Why should you choose the plan?

· It is perfect for the seasonal investors as well as frequent investors
· It is a very flexible plan in which the charges reduce according to the volume that the investors trade in a month
· It gives you an access to the knowledge centre

What does Kotak Mahindra Securities offer
The independent investors get access to all the trading facilities of Kotak for executing their trades. The investors decide about the stocks they should buy, when they should buy, etc. on the basis of the Kotak Mahindra Securities research.
You could be based anywhere but still trade anytime on the internet or through the trade and call facility. Apart from this, you even get an access to the big basket of the features and the value added services offered by Kotak.

Benefits of the dynamic brokerage plan
– You get an access to the knowledge center of Kotak Securities which would help you to know more about the share market and investment
– You get to enjoy high returns by simply investing at the early stage i.e. Easy IPO
– You get an access to the research reports of Kotak Securities on economy, companies and selected industries that would help you in making a well informed decision
– You would get research advice through SMS alerts so that you never miss any opportunity of buying or selling stocks
– You may buy or sell shares over phone with the help of call and trading facility
-You would get access to the top mutual funds with the help of Easy Mutual Funds
-You would even get free of cost news as well as market updates
– You even get brokerage rate
– You would even get an exposure of approximately 18 times the margin on selected stocks with Super Multiple features

2. Advance brokerage
The brokerage that the stock traders charge is a part of the trading value or it is calculated according to the size of your transaction. Being a consistent investor of the share market you may conduct multiple transactions regularly. For making sure that you are able to trade on a consistent basis without any issues of brokerage, Kotak Mahindra has introduced the advance brokerage account that rewards steady and consistent trading.

Key features of the advance brokerage account

The Advance brokerage account helps the investors in earning the brokerage they pay back. You pay some amount well in advance and then earn it back slowly while you trade in stocks. Also, for encouraging the investors to be consistent in their trading, they also offer low brokerage charges while the plan is valid.

There are different plans available for the investors which start from Rs. 5,000- Rs. 2, 00,000 with a validity of 12 months. On the basis of your requirements, the investors may choose any plan.

-News about the stock market and market updates
-Call and trading facility
-Trading in currency derivatives
-MF and IPO
-SMS alerts
-Research reports

3. NRI Brokerage
According to the Kotak Mahindra brokerage reviews India this is one of the best NRI accounts for those NRIs who are interested in investing in stocks.
The goal of Kotak Mahindra Securities is to make trading in stock market profitable for clients and thus they keep their brokerage charges as minimum as possible. They offer one of the most competitive brokerage plans for NRIs in India.

– Kotak Mahindra Securities is the biggest IPO distribution agency of the country
– Apart from online trading, phone trading, mobile trading application, well dedicated trading platform, etc. are also offered to NRIs.

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