Best Full Service Stock Brokers in India

Best Full Service Stock Brokers in India

So before we get into the details about the best full service stock brokers in India, let us first tell you a bit about who exactly is a full service broker, what kind of services does he offer and what is his importance for the investors.

What do you mean by full service broker?

Full service broker as the name suggests is properly licensed financial broker and dealer who offer a myriad of services to their clients. These services include research, suggestions, planning for retirement, tips on taxation and a lot more services. They do charge a price for offering all these services. They charge commissions and their commission is on a little higher side as compared to what the discount brokers charge.

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Top full service brokers India

The full service stock brokers offer expertise to the clients who cannot stay updated about the complex issues of financial market like estate planning, tax planning, etc. However, people who wish to execute the trades simply without getting any additional services should approach the discount brokers.

Parameters which decide best full service brokers

There are certain parameters on which the full service brokers are assessed to be declared the best. These are:

  1. Portfolio of the broker online

The brokers develop a portfolio and upload it online where you can check the profit/losses against shares, value of shares and other such useful information. It gives a consolidated view of investment.

   2.  Technical Analysis

The brokers also provide the basic charts as well as technical charts of the stocks and commodities on the website and the trade terminals. These charts help the clients in technically analysing the investment.

3.  Online Demo

The brokers also offer LIVE demonstration of the trading platform as well as back office.

4.  Trading on Mobile

The brokers also offer mobile platform for trading.

5.  3 in 1 trading account

The brokers offer a 3 in 1 trading account i.e. Demat Account, Trading Account and Banking Account. This account is quite helpful for the beginners and the regular investors.

6.  Auto trading

The brokers also offer software for auto trading online to their clients. Auto trading is sometimes also called robotic trading or program trading or computer trading.

7.  Post trading hours orders

The brokers who offer facilities to place post the trading hour orders. The order is sent to the exchange on following trading day.

8.  Good till cancelled (GTC)

Good till cancelled helps the clients to place their order that is there in the system till it’s executed or reaches a specific number of trading days.

Through the GTC feature, the investors may easily state the buying and selling orders in the equity script of their choice also mentioning the time period through which the order instructions would be valid.

9.  SMS alerts

The brokers send text alerts for all major transactions.

full service stock brokers

Best Full Service Stock Brokers in India

Below are the best full service stock brokers in India.

  • Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities claim to offer full control stay as it belongs truly in the hands of the clients. Thus, when the investment of the clients is concerned, they let the clients know everything about their stocks. They offer expert advice, an in depth investment guidelines and the multiple accessing points which help the investors know where exactly their money has been invested and the way it’s performing.

  • Sharekhan

This is another online trading platform. Sharekhan claims to offer a lot more than others. They call it Sharekhan investment account as apart from just a trading platform, they also offer a research based advice, give the details about all the latest trends in the market and the useful techniques to trade. Whether you are a beginner or a regular investor, they have a dedicated team of professionals who offer classroom education online, self-assistance videos, newsletters, and regular update about the market.

  • offers a secure, and well integrated 3 in 1 online trading platform. This 3 in 1 trading platform helps in linking the banking, trading and the Demat account. It offers valuable convenience for the clients. You get a number of benefits with the 3 in 1 account like:

– Seamless trading

The clients may trade in stocks without actually going through the hassles of tracking the settlement cycle, writing a cheque, etc. All this is made hassle free.

– Security

In place of transferring the money to the pool of the broker or towards any deposits, the clients may easily manage their Demat account and their bank accounts while trading with It gives the flexibility of paying only when trading happens.

-Variety of products

Stock trading in BSE as well as NSE, innovative offerings such as MarginPlus, Margin, SPOT, BTST, etc. is offered by It also offers derivatives trading, mutual funds, SIPs, overseas trading, life insurance, etc.

Discount brokers

  • Reliance Securities

Reliance Securities has given a new perspective to the way investors look at investment in the stock markets and take the investment related decisions.

They offer revolutionised solutions for stock trading, top quality research, competitive commission plans and exclusive rewards programmes that equip the investor’s with state of the art trading experience.

  • SBICAP Securities

SBISMART helps the investors to take their own decisions. They make the clients listen to their inner voice and take decisions regarding investment in stocks. They offer different services like Smart Investment Tool, deep research, in depth analysis and a wide range of investment options which help the clients in pursuing their aim confidently. has been empowered with a number of new and powerful features.

  • Axis Direct

Axis Direct offers a wide range of financial solutions to clients. Their flagship brand provides simplified solutions for investment. They help the clients in investing smart through their in depth research, advanced tools and multiple online trading platforms.

So these are some of the best full service stock brokers available in India. They offer smart investment solutions, strong tools and an in depth research of the stock market which help the investors.

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