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Monthly Archives: August 2018

stock exchanges
Top 10 Zerodha India review

TOP 10 ZERODHA INDIA REVIEW Zerodha is considered to be one of the best discount brokers of the country because of its large trade volume, number of clients as well as growth. It has derived its name from “Zero” which is an English word and “Rodha” which is a Sanskrit word which means barrier. Founded […]

stock trading sites in india
Top 10 stock trading sites in India

TOP 10 STOCK TRADING SITES IN INDIA Internet is full of a number of resources today. You will find a lot of information about investment and trading and that too for free. However, with an increase in the count, it is just not possible to remember all websites which you visit in one single day. […]

stock market brokerage calculator india
Top 10 stock market brokerage calculator India

TOP 10 STOCK MARKET BROKERAGE CALCULATOR INDIA The brokerage calculator is quite relevant for the traders. It not just helps the broker in computing the cost involved with trading, but it also helps him in minimising the cost and maximising the profits. Read more: Top 10 Stock Brokers in India Best kotak Mahindra brokerage reviews […]

brokerage high margin
Top 10 low brokerage high margin Demat accounts in India

TOP 10 LOW BROKERAGE HIGH MARGIN DEMAT ACCOUNTS IN INDIA In this highly chaotic industry of stock broking where each and every stock broker is making huge claims about its extraordinary selling points, it’s quite obvious for any trader or investor, that it becomes quite difficult to make out which stock broker would be the […]

Top Full Service Stock Brokers in India

TOP FULL SERVICE STOCK BROKERS IN INDIA Full service brokers are licensed broker dealer broking firms which offer a wide range of services to the investors and traders including advice and research, tax tips, retirement planning, etc. You definitely need to pay a price for all this as commission of the full service brokers are […]